Admatec has been a MARSON distributor for over 10 years.

Admatec has a long-standing partnership with Marson Technology Corporation Co. Ltd., who is a leading global supplier of barcode scanning engines. 

More about MARSON
  • Know-how from more than a dozen international patents since the year 2000
  • Complete development environment available for quick implementation
  • Customized hardware and software adjustments possible
  • Driver for all major operating systems available (Android, iOS, MAC and Windows)
  • Depending on the scan environment, red or green light can be used for optimal filtering of contamination

MT40W Wide Angle Scan Engine

The MT40W wide angle 1D barcode scan engine not only delivers high-speed scanning but also provides versatility needed in various applications. MT40W operates with a wide range of input voltage from 3.3V to 5V and blends powerful scanning performance for portable and fixed devices applications.

  • Wide Angle Scanning

  • Mobile-Friendly Scanning

  • Easy and Flexible Operations

  • More Ambient Light Immunity

  • Bi-directional Communication


MT83D Mini 2D Scan Engine

MT83D is designed to deliver high performance and affordable OEM 2D barcode scanning solution. MT83D consists of a mini imager and a decoder board that can be easily integrated into host system. With the ability to scan 2D barcodes from as far as 438mm away with motion tolerance of 28 cm/sec, MT83D barcode scan engine is an ideal choice for both portable and fixed devices.


MT40W Wide Angle Scan Engine

MT81 is a miniaturized 2D imager that is designed for software decoder applications to achieve lower total cost of ownership of 2D barcode scan engine without compromising overall scanning performance. MT81 can be shipped with or without software decoder based on customer’s request. Due to its small size, MT81 is ideal for mobile devices with very limited space.